i had a dream

I had a dream.

I had a dream
that took over me-

it was a nuptial scene
of bliss and harmony,
a true love
forever meant to be,
with my esteemed professor
and me.

Between the sheets
like one of the Isleys
we rolled
around each other
and learning together
all we really needed
to discover

in a dream

and me-
my esteemed professor
of the university

We giggled and laughed
as if the world we
would keep
for ourselves
in our bed together
with no one else
secreting our beliefs
between white linen sheets
that no one else would ever see
ivory towers
are much too expensive
for just anyone to compete.

So happy,
my dream

far away in
clouds of sweet theory
perfumed with light
lifted by sarcastic rivalry.

My professor
and me

in academic ecstasy
far from anything
with any practicality
and little applicable
in reality.

So happy,
my dream,
that I couldn't believe
when I woke up to see

I had fallen asleep
on the floor
covered in class readings-

still broke
still single
still having identity issues
still undeniably
struggling with understanding
no article given
has been capable of addressing
for me

if we want to think critically
about the world and
change the things in it,
must we live in ivory towers,
read from white-washed sheets
hidden from others
and get in bed
with the most prestigious
of professors?