An American Creation Story

My child, come sit here at my feet, and I will tell you the history of our people and how we came to be this way.

Once upon a time there was God. God the Father, and God the Son. God had daughters, too- many daughters, in fact- but none of them were considered God, despite having the same capacities as Him. God disavowed any wife, too, since God is God and All-Powerful and Self-sufficient, able to generate Creation in His image without any help from anybody else.

Once upon a time, God came upon a land He had not previously known before. Now, this was both God the Father and God the Son who did this. Confused at His ignorance, since He is the Omniscient One, He sat down near the beaches of this new land in His boats as the people of the land viewed Him warily from a distance (as is befitting God), and He conversed with Himself. After forty days and forty nights of counsel, God decided that this new land He had discovered was actually a land He had created Himself in a dream from time immemorial and thus subject to His will and power. So God set to work, on the people and on the land, fashioning it in His image and punishing those who refused to acknowledge His dominion. He ravaged the land with plagues, rapes, wars, and death, enslaving those who submitted to Him (although at times He enslaved even those who rebelled, as a show of His omnipotence) and exterminating those who did not, as is befitting God. God the Father revealed the logic of His plan to His children in the interconnected fields of legal writs, the disciplines of Science and Medicine, Religious Education, and institutions of Higher Learning. God the Father taught his Son especially the straightness of His path, the path of the Self-righteous and the True Defenders of the Faith. He did this by any means necessary, because it was necessary to assure His children, especially His Son, of the correctness of their path in the face of the Holy Spirit which kept meddling in His affairs in such aggravating ways as setting people on fire from the inside against Him, rather than from the outside when they went against Him, as He usually did.

The Holy Spirit made God very nervous, especially when It touched His Son. When It whispered into the hearts of His other children, especially His daughters or the male children He refused to recognize as His own, the Omnipotent One would laugh through His mountaintop clouds and raze the people with ever-burning fire and ignominy, chuckling to them in contempt that if He so wanted, He could create another like them in their place. And He would, too, reaching out to other lands across the Earth and replacing His people for them. At times like these He would subject these new toilers for His glory to the same treatment as His people before to ensure their loyalty to Him and their everlasting submission to His power. Yet the Holy Spirit would still be able to whisper through to some of them, so God would step up His defense and laugh even louder, shifting His Face around so His people would become shrouded in mystery and confusion as to His real nature. Only to His Son would He reveal the mysteries of His Being as He indoctrinated Him into the logic of His Plan. So how much it rankled in Him, then, when the Holy Spirit's calm, reasoning Voice would be able to seep into His Son's spirit and cause His head to turn to look at His sisters, at His mothers, at His brothers, at His own people and His own land that had nurtured Him, fed Him, sustained Him and see how He and they alike were trapped by the interconnected bars of Law, Science, Education, and Religion. In times like this He would begin to deeply question His own divinity and begin to seriously doubt the divinity of His Father. How fierce was God's anger at times like these! How justified His rage!

Thundering with Heavenly wrath He would remind His Son that all He had created on this Earth was for His subjection, to do with as He pleased: women, children, cattle, fields, waters, minerals, wealth, animals, enemies, and illegitimate sons alike were all under His Dominion. All was His Creation, fashioned by Him from Him, and thus subject to His whims. His daughters were there for His pleasure, some to ease Him in bed, some to ease His hunger through production, some to ease His anxieties in bearing children, but all were vessels for His will. His unrecognized children were the same- fashioned to be receptacles of His authority and power, no matter where they resided or in what form. The expanse of the Earth beneath Him was made for His disposal; the extraction of wealth and goods from it His sole prerogative. And woe to His enemies, worse than animals! To deny His righteousness and goodness, to contest His claim over all His Earth- such was an unforgivable act, an injustice punishable by the worst of retaliations!

God laid all this out in no uncertain terms to His Son, codifying His claims and legitimacy in books and documents for all to plainly see, inscribing His primacy onto the tongues of all who would speak and burning it into the eyes of all who would see. He ravaged those who opposed Him and those who merely looked opposite to Him out of love for His Son and to keep Him on the right path, the straight path, the path with no crookedness or darkness in it, for God is Love and His wrath is merely an extension of His deep love for us.

God explained all of this for His Son and for all of us, but for some reason the Holy Spirit kept getting in the way. It would take His children aside from time to time, whispering in their ears of other ways to be, other ways to love, other ways to attain a strength in peace that rages against injustice while maintaining a calm respect for all at its core. Worst of all treasons, It spoke in the languages of God and told His Creations that they were more than just created things. It kissed them with assurances of Life, real Life, outside of these strictures they had been so confined in, and- horror of all horrors!- assured them that this God was no god, but something as made up as His image of them had been.

The Holy Spirit would speak to them from their hearts, not from a mountaintop removed like where God had positioned Himself and where He tried to force His Son to join Him. It would speak to them from among themselves and It would guide them in ways that spoke to parts of them outside what God had told them they could only be. God the Almighty raged in the face of It because It spoke of Reason and Continuity, Harmony and Community, Healing and Understanding, Empathy and Compassion while God thundered on of Ignorance and Division, Violence and Pain, Sin and Trespassing, Confinement and Punishment. They battled on, God and the Holy Spirit, God jealously clutching at His Son and raining His wrath down on His people- for God is a jealous God, and terrible in His retribution- and the Holy Spirit continuing to calmly direct people towards each other and to clear squinting eyes accustomed to injustice, gently guiding them to reach their own logical conclusions as to the real nature of Humanity, Creation, and the Divine.

And it is a battle they are locked in until our death, my child. Still they carry it on in us, God the Father insisting on our salvation through destruction and God the Holy Spirit steadfastly promising us that we have the ability to heal and move forward. They continue fighting because most do not listen; and now, most do not listen to either God the Father or the Holy Spirit. Most prefer now to operate within the rules God the Father has set down for His Creation but refuse to believe either in Him or in the Divine.

So, you see, my loved, because God the Father is no god at all, He is able to grow powerful and maintain His existence by people continuing to act within the rules He has created to support Himself and His Son. Denying Him while continuing to follow His Plan perpetuates the violent havoc He has engendered in our very souls and legitimates His dominance and our subjugation. But God, call It what you may, being a real God, continues to exist without any support from Its creation and continues to communicate on a personal level with them against this created state of affairs, quietly murmuring to them from inside and from among their own kind that something, something just ain't right in all of this.

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